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Hypnosis Products & Services

Hypnosis Downloads is an online personal development provider, that offers tons of articles, courses, downloadable products and plenty of hypnosis services that clients can take advantage of to reach their personal goals. Through their hypnosis products, you can overcome your greatest challenges or achieve your greatest desires.


Hypnosis Company Background

Believing that psychological tools are a rightful birthright to everyone, Uncommon Knowledge (through intends to offer fundamental learning products and services to help their clients effectively free themselves from their current limitations by providing educational and hypnotic products and services that makes the process of overcoming challenges, much much easier. is a brother site to Uncommon Knowledge, a site that strongly believes in quality services and  common sense psychology. And they know as well as you do, that most "common sense" is not very common, or it's commonly not followed. Most of the time, that common sense isn't followed, is because our hectic lives have made it difficult to sit back and focus on our deeper needs, and that leaves our subconscious minds in control. This often results in limitations for people trying to end addictions and achieve greater results in their lives, which Hypnosis Downloads intends to free up. Since 1995, the talented therapy guru's at Uncommon Knowledge have trained over 24,000 people online and in person.

Furthermore, with over 500,000 hypnosis downloads being received by clients, Hypnosis Downloads has become the largest prodiver of personal development hypnosis products. In addition, more than 600,000 people have successfully completed various courses and training offered by Hypnosis Downloads, most of whom came back to share their delight with new and veteran clients.

The proud founders, who look forward to another successful 17 years, are Mark Tyrrell (Creative Director), Roger Elliot (Managing Director), Kathleen Fedouloff and Joseph Kao.


Hypnosis Customer Feedback & Reviews

According to Review Center, has received a rating of 4.8 out of 5, with 4 reviews.

Two of the 4 anonymous reviews:

  • "i found it very helpful for my situation. it was easy to follow the relaxation instructions, and the speaker's voice was very calming. i would recommend this program to anyone who is having a problem and with the list of downloads and cd's there is something to help anyone. also, the customer service dept(especially Kirstin) has been very helpful, and has answered all of my many questions in a very polite and timely manner"
  • "Kirstin of is a highly skilled customer service specialist! She put forth extra effort to help solve my download problem! She is the reason I will buy here again. Great Job Kirstin!!! / Jeffrey"

The author of The Hypnosis Review gives a rating of 4/5, and has this to say about

  • is perhaps the longest running and best established hypnosis download site on the internet. They have been online since 1995 and during that time they have created the largest choice of hypnosis downloads available with a staggering 565 professionally recorded MP3s and self hypnosis scripts.

    Run by Mark Tyrell and Roger Elliot (both qualified hypnotherapists), is part of a network the psychology and self help sites known as Uncommon Knowledge. Uncommon Knowledge is based in Scotland, and as such when you buy a MP3 from Hypnosis Downloads you can expect the hypnotherapist to speak with a gentle Scottish accent.

    Having been online since 1995 is well respected for the quality of their sessions and has built up a great deal of trust with customers during that time. Email correspondence is usually answered quickly, and help is offered if you require it.

    On drawback to having so many hypnosis downloads on the site is that it tends to look cluttered and can be a little difficult to navigate. Similarly there are many sessions that have been “doubled” over time. For example on you can find Stop Negative Thinking and Stop Worrying within the self help section, both of which deal with a very similar problem. I guess this can’t be helped with over 565 hypnosis downloads.

    That negative can also be seen as a positive though. Hypnosis Downloads is great because of the wide variety of choice it offers. It seems like you can find a hypnosis MP3 or self hypnosis script for any problem imaginable when you visit

    They money back guarantee offered by Hypnosis Downloads lasts for 90 days so should you find that the session hasn’t had the required effect on you then you are entitled to a refund. Refunds are dealt with promptly and on a no questions asked basis.

    You can buy from without worry. The products are well created, the customer service is good and the prices are competitive.

Hypnosis Downloads also has it's own library of testimonial reviews that are well worth the time to check out. They have satisfied clients through just about any challenge you can imagine and have helped so many succeed beyond their wildest dreams.

Hypnosis Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

There are no records of complaints or problems against Uncommon Knowledge or with the BBB, and in fact, they are not even listed on the site. The majority of feedback found online has provided enough information to safely say that Uncommon Knowledge has high credibility in the field of hypnosis.

Additionally, all four hypnotherapists associated with Uncommon Knowledge, are certified and accredited in Hypnosis. They have all achieved real world experiences and educations that help them provide opportunities for their clients to achieve success. You can find out more information about their backgrounds on their "About Us" page and by browsing their customer testimonials.

  • "If you want a company that stands behind their product and has the best customer service on the web...This is the place!" R. Martinez, Financial Advisor, Denver, CO.
Hypnosis Website Popularity & Google Ranking

According to, has reached a page rank of 43,696 and it is most popular in the UK. This is consistent with their Google Page Rank fo 5 out of 10, though definitely gives them more credit with a ranking of 92,540.

Hypnosis Social Media Presence

Uncommon Knowledge and Hypnosis Downloads is already thoroughly integrated in most social networks, with their leading networks being Facebook and Twitter. According to Klout, they are not yet aware of their social influence level, though they still have a measurement of 27 on the klout metrics and are most popular on twitter than anywhere else.

Hypnosis Website Security & Safety

Hypnosis Downloads is an extremely ethical company that intends to maintain their image as a personal development provider that promises to only provide downloads that are supported by research, not to sell your information and to protectively guard their clients sensitive information. Hypnosis Downloads has been certified by TRUSTe, and you can view the intimate details of their privacy policy here.

Hypnosis Pricing & Packages

The majority of hypnotic downloads available are between $13 and $20, which encompasses at least 100 different downloads dealing with challenges in health, relationships, fun and business. also has various packages that you can take advantage of, like there "Feel Attractive Pack for Women". That pack, along with many others, range in price from $40 to $75 and are worth well over their prices. also offers a small selection of hypnosis certifications for those who are looking to further their careers as hypnotists. From beginner's courses to more advanced challenges, the prices for these ultimate classes range from $314 to $420, and are well worth the investment. Additionally, if you're looking to help your clients maximize their potential, HD offer's hypnosis scripts that will help you gain rapport, stay engaged and keep your clients motivated to move forward. Prices range on average are from $13 to $17 for the various scripts available, with a possible discount if you join their Growth Zone membership.

If you would like something more physically tangible, also offers CD's and DVD packages that you can purchase for between $30 and $80.

Hypnosis Shipping Rates & Policies

Hypnosis Downloads has clients all over the globe, making it only right for them to ship anywhere that can be shipped to. Their shipping policy discusses the variance on times depending on where you are ordering from, and what you are ordering. Their most common orders are for digital content, which does not need to be shipped - so the majority of their shipping is for tangible products that you will need to have physically. It is worth your time to read the entire Delivery and Refund Guarantee, as it will give you an estimate of shipping times depending on your location, and outlines the procedure to follow if you don't get your items. Shipping estimates vary, and will be calculated during your purchase process.

Hypnosis Payment Methods Accepted

When you're ready to purchase your Hypnosis products, keep in mind their accepted methods of payment:

  • American Express
  • Mastercard/Maestro
  • Visa
  • JBC
  • Paypal

At this present moment, does not accept Personal Checks, E-Checks, Electronic Funds Transfer, Qpass, Google Checkout, BillMeLater or Cashier's checks.

Hypnosis Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Being committed to providing top of the line products to their clients, maintains a 90 Money Back Guarantee. While they have trained more than 24,000 people and provided over half a million downloads to the rest of the world that have been very successful, the founders of Uncommon Knowledge recognize that their products are not going to be appropriate for every single customer. So if for any reason a client is unsatisfied with their downloads or products, they have a whopping 90 days to receive a refund if their products don't help. That leaves plenty of time to give the downloads and products a chance to work, without rushing incase you need to use the return policy. 

For more information, read their Delivery and Refund Policy page.

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